Social Ties offers a number of flexible sales, marketing and social media training packages to meet the needs of individuals, businesses and associations. Each training session is designed specifically for the needs of the company and staff.

Large group training

Large group training is ideal for associations and conferences. It can focus on a specific topic or provide a broader overview of marketing, sales, social media concepts, providers and tools. Attendees of the broad overview course will acquire a fundamental understanding of any of these topics and be able to discuss and apply the topics contents with confidence.

Small group training

Small group training for up to ten people is a tools based practical training session. It is an interactive workshop covering specific topics of interest to each individual. Focusing on a single topic per session. For example:

 Sales Training includes role play and interactive learning.

Social Media attendees use their own computer, phone or tablet to configure use and enjoy social media for personal or work related purposes. All attendees gain essential skills, knowledge and confidence to apply their new social media skills thereafter.

Business training

As with small group training, this is a tailored program with the outcomes suited to the business’s needs as opposed to an individual. This training occurs either on a business’s premises or off site.

One on one training

This training is specific to an individual’s needs where any of our courses can be offered as a one on one basis.